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TOPconceptions offers you its experience in various fields of the automation proceeding as agribusiness, food processing, pharmaceutical, industrial, agriculture, wood processing, packaging, maritimes and others.


Types of achievements;

Palletizer, vacuum packaging, packing by weight, labeling machine, product alignment, screw and belt conveyors, rewinders, cigarette and cannabis (marijuana) rolling machine.


You have a need? An idea? We will help you to realize it.

In the last few years, with our american partners and customers, TOPconceptions acquired expertise in the cannabis market. We have developped various equipments helping processing the cannabis, such as a fully and partial automated joint rolling machine, a trimer and a adjustable shredder from light to bulky.


We automated the growing process to the maximum to reduce labor costs as well as electricity and fertilizer costs to maximize crop yield and quality.


We served several facilities in Colorado, California and other USA states where cannabis is legalized.


We are ready to share our knowledge and expertise in this new market.


For any project requiring automation designed and engineering, manufacturing or design consulting for any type of industrial equipment and manufacturing fell free to ask us.


TOPconceptions can provide you with a complete or partial solution of your concept. Thanks to our manufacturing engineering department, our experience in custom equipment design and our installation service, we are committed to providing you with highly quality and complete service.


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